by davidchrzanowski

With the last days of March drawing to a close, I was somewhat surprised that April had come around, yet again and just like last year, so quickly. I took a look at my workload, my aims for the year and my inbox, only to discover I had achieved very little since the beginning of 2014. I found myself in a similar situation last year, April 2013 had come into play and I had written nothing, not a single word, letter, or title page. I was stuck fast in the rapid quicksand that is writer’s block. In fact, I had completely stashed away all pens and note pads; the block was that bad, I didn’t have anything to say.

This year that is not the case. This year I have too much to say, a deepening workload and deadlines running at me from all directions. I needed, and still have to, place my thoughts into some kind of order. To do this I have decided to start a blog, something I have always been sceptical of doing, mostly because social networking and blogging about every boring aspect of a person’s life is the done thing theses days, and I do try to avoid modern trends.

However, after reading Jay Malinowski’s blog – Jay is the lead singer and guitarist of Bedouin Soundclash, as well as being a writer and an artist. Jay uses his blog to update his followers on the progress of his side project with the Deadcoast, and their debut album Martel, a concept album that has a companion book, called Skull and Bones.

I will be using my blog for similar reasons, but mainly to keep myself in-check and up-to-speed with my deadlines – having a poetry commission to complete by May, three to five chapters of a novel complete and ready to submit (which I haven’t started writing yet) by the end of May, as well as three other poetry projects that need to be completed and sent off for illustrating; my aim was to have these ready for publication by August/September time, we’ll see!!!