Artist’s Studios II

by davidchrzanowski


There are endless ways to turn a room in your house, or apartment, into a professional studio and make it your own. Whether you dress a room up, or play the space down with a minimalist style, it can be easy to fall into the trap of just throwing in a desk and a few draws. Here’s why.

Personally, I hate draws. I used to have a set of three, and although I started with the best intentions of keeping them clean and tidy, that never happened.

I, now, have a basket and a large storage box, but they too are untidy.

Penholders attached to the wall are so simple, yet it never crossed my mind to do this – even when on a desperate pen hunt. They don’t take up valuable space on the desk like conventional stationary pots, but still keep everything in an easy-to-find place.

Every time I set up a new studio I aim for the minimalist look, and every time I fail.

I have been looking into floating desks, as shown in the second picture. Annoyingly, when I moved in I had a spare worktop, but couldn’t source any suitable legs for a decent price. I took it to the tip and now I have to order a new worktop, luckily Ikea came to the rescue and I found one for around £30 while the brackets that hold it in place can be found for next to nothing.

What I’ll do to the wall space above is another question. I’m undecided whether to have my folders on shelves or just stick with the draw and storage box. The box takes up space, but looks tidier – until opened, allowing enough room for my lino cutting tools and collage offcuts. Maybe, I should be more regimented in keeping my studio clean