‘Ultra Fuckers’ Book Review

by davidchrzanowski

“Ultra Fuckers” is a novel written by Carlton Mellick III that I chose as my first steps into the ‘Bizarro’ world. I was surprised and let down at the same time by what I found within its pages. The story was more Goosebumps then underground sensation. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t into it. I liked it a lot. The simplicity of the writing style was the first thing that stood out about this book. It certainly wasn’t overcooked, and as a poet it reminded me of how easy it is to throw a Thesaurus at a piece of prose. I’ll be keeping this book by my side while making future edits.

My disappointment with this book was that the story line wasn’t as trashy or outrageous as the title would suggest. The characters aren’t strong, but even though this is classed as a novel, it comes in at 120 pages, the author’s shortest, so I can appreciate there are limitations. So, there isn’t room for much character development and there were times that it felt that the story wasn’t going anywhere, but I was still eager to know what was going to happen on the next page, my brain was working overtime creating imagery even when the character was just sat in front of the TV.

So, this book does do what every good novel or story should do. It gets you asking the basic questions; Who, What, When, Why?

The author shares my dislike of cheap, pop-up housing with no character, using this as a central theme for the story. Most of us have lived on, or knows someone who lives on one of these estates that expands the borders of our towns and cities, and can relate to the mundane similarities that spreads from one street to the next. A classic punk-rock dig at Capitalism, and middle-class suburbia.

If you love a spine-chiller with a touch of sci-fi, don’t let the title put you off. There are even some punks thrown in to give a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles style humour, to a cocktail of Mad Max meets Transformers.

Please bear in mind that I am new to this genre, so forgive me if I’ve over analysed. Overall mixed feelings, but intrigued enough to have purchased another title.