Poetry/Collage Project

by davidchrzanowski

Over the last six weeks, I’ve been working on a small pamphlet/chapbook of 10 poems. The project started as an exercise; a foot up my backside, to produce something substantial after a dormant period. The poems started to complement each other and link together, with one session resulting in 4 poems inside 30 minutes of work. I was intending to showcase the finished poems on this page, which I will still do, but to make sure the work is as original and interesting as possible, I am pairing each piece of writing with its own collage.

The poems are nearing completion, however, I only have one collage finished.

I hope to have the whole project completed and posted by Christmas, mainly due to the fact that I hate carrying projects over into the new year.

This is a realistic target, and I am stoked to share the work with you all soon.