by davidchrzanowski

Back in May, a good friend of mine got married and asked me to write a poem to read out at the ceremony. Obviously, this was a huge honour and massive responsibility. It was to be my first reading. I had assumed that I would be reading after the wedding, at the reception, around the time the speeches were to be made. However, I was surprised to be told I would be reading just before his bride-to-be walked down the aisle. Nerves increased dramatically when this news broke. But, as it was, it went really well, lots of complements and all that ego boosting chat which makes this writing battle more than worth it. So here is that reading simply entitled Ceremony:

If I lost my sight I would sail in endless circles on top of a frog and a lily pad,
allowing my blindness to destroy my ego and online presence,
and when all is stripped bare the horizon’s dome of sun
and lustrous pale sky will hollow out so freedom can ascend.
Hearing your call, a shout to wait, we can do this together–
wonder through life rich in family never again cold or hungry.
Most will only aim to reach one summit,
but this day stood upon the apex of a wedding cake is a first in a range of peaks.
The icing cementing ceremony, a foundation for small rooms
where you’ll give birth, beat time, argue over paint tins,
remember vows made over glasses of hops and pints of barely,
his beard will go grey as views grow around you.