NEW Mini Collection: Blueprints to Blunderland

by davidchrzanowski

Several weeks ago, I posted about a new poetry/collage project I have been working on. Well, the poems have been completed and I have decided to release them here one poem per day.

The collages on the other hand need more time. So, I will re-release the poems, together with their individual collages, when they are finished, most likely next year.

The collection is titled, Blueprints to Blunderland. It consists of ten poems, and eventually ten collages. It takes my love of everything obscure, mixing it with tales from my life, documenting my teenage years through my twenties, how my views of the world have developed from naivety and confusion to more complex confusion.

The first poem will appear here sometime tomorrow, Nov 4.

It would be great to get some feed back before the re-release next year.