War, Freedom, Ignorance.

by davidchrzanowski

First published by Forward poetry, 2013


War is peace.

Killing our kinsmen, like warm milk,
Enriches our sleep through feverish nights
Laid on top of sheets in fear of spies.
Our stretchers a stage, our faces aired
As propaganda: Two Minutes Hate.
A generation weaned from mothers-to-slogans,
Teaching us that war is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Conflicted by the places we grew up,
Attempting escape expands the gulf of divided loyalties.
The faster we run the closer the camera watches us
In an effort to define a method of rehabilitation.
If we are lucky we are sent to the front line
And awarded a heroes death,
As we reaffirm our place in history.

Ignorance is strength…

…To governments who enforce
Slogans upon the people.

A failure to teach statistics to our youth;
A side-step reaction,
A way to milk evasions,
A product of deceit,
Breeding intolerance,
Keeping us at war,
Turning ignorance into strength.