Stir of a Teaspoon

by davidchrzanowski

Written in 2011. Published in First Writer Magazine, 2015.

Overcast is the colour of my office space.
Overcast and laminated.
Am I watching the monitor,
or is it watching me?

The mounting tension is not clear,
hazy beyond recognition.
The binary of life has become tainted
with twos and threes creeping in
causing confusion and chaos
to reign collectively.

It’s no feeling of distrust
that makes me want and wane,
but an over exposure to the raw sewage
beneath me.

Fake cries.
Balled up tissue.
Whistling winds.
Magazines printed to full colour exposure.
Stacked, untidy piles.
Half finished notes.
Like so many tasks and ideas that
fade with the stir of a teaspoon.

And all we are is gravel beneath their feet.