The Project Draw

by davidchrzanowski

Everyone has a draw, or folder on their computer, that contains complete and incomplete projects. I was going through mine the other day and came across thirty pieces of writing that I had intended to group together as a collection.

They are pieces of prose poetry, written back in 2013.

I have decided to revive them as pieces of experimental writings and thoughts. This means a massive overhaul in the form of redrafts. Even the ones marked ‘complete’ are getting a revamp.

I have two and a bit weeks left of work before we down tools for Christmas, leaving me with ten days off, and having already begun the task of redrafting, I aim to finish my most productive year to date in a flurry of completed works.

So it’s heads down for me, as I aim to start publishing the finished pieces right here, as I did with the previous mini collection, before the year is out.

Thank you all again for taking the time to read my work.