Reading Lost Meanings

by davidchrzanowski

When I was young I thought all books contained hidden meanings. That everything was coded and none of the words told held any truths. I could never decipher any of their meanings. The words were not unique. They were words. I was alone, over shadowed by those in-depth and lucrative morals. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I realized two things. Firstly, maybe, I was thinking about this too much, instead of enjoying the simplicity of the words I saw at first glance. Secondly, it is possible to loosen rocks of truths and deeper understandings from every media source – including newspapers. It is also possible that there are no lost meanings camouflaged amongst the lines of the page. Leaving generations of ill-advised youths, misled by teachers and their teachers before that. So, now, when I write my only hope is to achieve imagery and meanings that differ from one reader to the next, eliminating the need for explanation, as it is already there to be seen.