Last Ten Years

by davidchrzanowski

Escapism, blown fuses and set traditions were the themes of our teenage years. Acting as the magazine covers that your soul relies on to tightrope over chat of who is going to be the first to achieve, give birth, or cut their fringe from right to left, instead of left to right? With every quiz, you fed your own desire to win. Like every exam to date, you studied with the fear teachers and parents dedicated their lives to fill you with, only this time all your answers were wrong.

The liability friend dropped out to settle down. The rebel who could not catch a breath did make his late twenties, although he did his best to beat the use-by date. And the freaky one did not dig up dead bodies for a living, but inspired a generation of muddled children to live with proactive visions and act accordingly. By the end, bodies hurt from over drinking and under eating, from clinging onto guide ropes for dear life, in pits and bumping crowds. But, most of all, the over whelming realisation that they made it this far and next year was only going to be bigger, was all they needed in the final moments.