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Month: March, 2016

‘Leave Me Alone’ Hinds Review (Album)

As effortlessly cool as this debut release by the Madrid-based quartet is, I feel we may have heard this sound before. The album is a homage to garage-pop, lo-fi indie and although the sound maybe …

Source: ‘Leave Me Alone’ Hinds Review (Album)


We Are Moving!!!

I am moving all of my music journalism related articles to a seperate page. Link Below.

The move is due to my journalism schedule picking up pace recently, so when potential clients come and check out my work, I don’t want them to have to wade through poetry to get to what they’re after.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out, simply follow the link and start following that page as well.



City of Foxes

Our back garden: green and yellow farmer’s fields.
Daffodils, rape seed, and hay bales lined up on hillsides
opposing the main road that split housing estates from nature.

Yet, I never saw a fox.
Not until I moved to a city –
20 years into my life.

That town never felt like my true home.
So, like the fox, I moved out to find a food source,
to expel hometown torment,  a love affair of new experiences,

A mixed land to conquer, or dissolve into.
Leicester, my new found playground.
Ironically home to a football club nicknamed the Foxes.


Salou’s beach
with its sands
bars spaced–
neat vertabrae,
a spine stretching
and bending
down to Cambrils.

This day of summer’s peace
is Catalonia’s legacy.
A bloody regretful history gives way
to holiday makers sipping 14 euro pina coladas
on hot sands and sun loungers.

History sacrificed
for the shouts and screams;
enjoyment for future generations.
Puzzled tourists lost down Las Ramblas
transformed into intrepid explorers
lost on an island of gothic megastructures.

Terragona in a forever battle against modern mortar,
still fighting Rome’s ambition.
The fight is worthless,
there is a place in Catalonia for past and present.
Under the sun’s parasol
language is even.