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Artist’s Studios – My Spaces

As promised, some pictures of my spare room/living room studio space where I write poetry, make music, collages, and a general mess!!!


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Artist’s Studios

An artist’s studio is a sanctuary where creativity peaks spilling juices from mind to canvass – or paper, computer, whatever your medium.

After recently moving house and for the first time being in control of how I design and develop the spaces within, I started to become curious of other people’s creative places.

The two things that interest me the most about artist’s studios are;
a) size; dimensions and use of that space
b) Tidiness.

My studio is a home studio – meaning it comprises of my spare room and living room. So, tidiness is important, mainly because the rooms are multifunctional and partly because I can’t create in a messy environment anyway. They are perfect for writing, recording music, doing lino cutting and creating collages.

To quench my curiosity I began searching the internet for artist’s studios and quickly came across several articles and blogs on the subject. I’ll post pictures and thoughts on the spaces, including my own, that attract my attention over the next several weeks.
Sanctuary: Britain’s Artists and their Studios, edited by Hossein Amirsadeghi, with essays by Iwona Blazwick, Richard Cork, Tom Morton, and photography by Robin Friend, is published by Thames & Hudson at £48 hardback.